About Us

We firmly believe that this can be achieved through our in-depth understanding of the operating process and the restrictions, regulations, laws and decisions faced by shipowners and charterers, knowing that we have a work team with experience, dedication, appreciation and responsibility, and also providing services for all ship needs in loading and unloading operations, knowing that there is no Our strength is not only in our experience, but also in the close relationships we have established with passport, immigration and customs authorities, maritime safety authorities and all port authorities, from the arrival of the ship to its safe departure, taking into account that our work team is capable and well-experienced to deal with and assist shipowners and charterers in All aspects of shipping documents required by port authorities in all Egyptian ports. 

We are also available around the clock to assist ship owners, captains and charterers, whether for general inquiries or emergency assistance during a ship in distress at any time. 

We also value our customers well and meeting their interests is always our first and last responsibility because our customers are the source of our income.